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Sherlock AU: For John, an imaginary friend is easier to cope with than a dead one.

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you might (not) want to eleborate



"i’ve moved on" "Not really in the picture anymore" "Are you going to see him again" yes please keep using dating and romantic vocabulary to describe John and Sherlock’s relationship 

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a question for those people in the sherlock fandom who don’t like the relationship between sherlock holmes and john watson:

why are you watching a show about the relationship between sherlock holmes and john watson

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You can’t come, you’re pregnant.

You can’t go, I’m pregnant.

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pringlesaremydivision said: you have been the cutest thing in the world since, like, forever but that bat story pushed it over the edge and now I just want to squish you like sherlock wants to squish marshmallow john, i.e. in a loving and not at all painful squishing way <3



That’s perfect, I’m all for squishy hugs :)

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Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

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