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Anonymous said: all this Mary and jl hate is ridiculous. I see no problem in John being deeply in love with his wife in a healthy, committed relationship, but also emotionally and physically being attracted to Sherlock. Hell Mary too. Polyamory ftw!



There are a lot of people who seem to trade in absolutes when it comes to their ships. You see it when people are so adamant that the characters are either 100% gay or 100% straight and the idea that you can only have one true meaningful romantic relationship.  

As far as sexuality, headcanon all you want.  I have absolutely no problem with that. What I will always have a problem with is people saying that their headcanon is 100% absolutely the correct interpretation and that anyone saying otherwise is wrong or delusional or, my favorite, haven’t ever taken a literature class, because obviously that’s a prerequisite for being able to interpret and analyse a television show. 

Sexuality has been dealt with in a very sloppy manner on the show, so everything is pretty much up in the air. (Yes, even John “I’m not gay” Watson.) And it doesn’t matter what the actors or the creators say.  You can still headcanon whatever you want. It doesn’t hurt anyone as long as you aren’t going around being a dick to people who see things differently than you do.  

What really bothers me, and it’s something that I’ve seen in several ships, is this sort of hoarding of Sherlock’s heart and body.  There’s a kind of fetishization of his supposed virginity as well as this notion that he can only have deep, meaningful feelings for one person.  

For instance, with Sherlolly shippers, you have those that believe that if Sherlock loves Molly, those feelings are somehow lessened if he ever had feelings for Irene. Or that his love for her wouldn’t be as special. Though we never see those same people fret about how Molly’s love for Sherlock was sullied by her engagement to Tom. 

With some Jlock shippers, it’s this idea that Sherlock only loves John, to the exclusion of any kind of deep platonic feelings for anyone else, including Molly and Mary, though it’s been demonstrated over and over on the show that he holds both in absolutely high regard.  And that should be a GOOD thing.  It’s unhealthy to focus all of your love on one person.  

The lengths that people will go to prove that Sherlock doesn’t care about Molly in any capacity are frightening.  If he is in love with John, that isn’t lessened by his having other friendships, and you’re doing his character development a huge disservice by claiming that he hasn’t meant the things he’s said to Molly, or that he never really liked Mary in the first place.  (Not getting into anything regarding the events of HLV post shooting because that’s just a clusterfuck.)

Remember, the problem with Sherlock has never been that he doesn’t actually have emotions, or doesn’t have a heart. It’s that he’s got it all in spades but that he thinks (possibly rightly so) that it’s a detriment to his work. Loving someone isn’t the anomaly, it’s letting himself love and be loved that’s so extraordinary.

When you fall in love, there can be a period when your other friendships fall by the wayside a bit.  But in a healthy relationship you will come back to them, and it’s perfectly fine to maintain deep friendships 

I don’t know a single person whose every emotional and social need is fulfilled by one person and relationship.  There are things my best friend knows about me that my husband doesn’t and vice versa.  There are things I will ask my best friend to do with me that I would never dream of asking my husband to endure, and vice versa.  I will go to my best friend with problems that I wouldn’t go to my husband about, and vice versa.

I partly blame this whole cult of “I married my best friend” that’s popped up in recent years.  I love the ever loving shit out of my husband and he is definitely also my friend.  But I have a best friend.  I met her four years before I met my husband, and she’s still my best friend after all this time despite having not lived in the same city like, ever.  Those are different relationships and they SHOULD be different relationships.

I sometimes wonder if it’s just a matter of life experience with some people, or just not having had the good fortune of having both an amazing best friend and a partner.

TL;DR Don’t be dicks to each other. You can love more than one person at the same time, and OT3s are awesome. 

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Watercolor Rose by Blake Kennedy at Super Genius Tattoo, Seattle WA

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Say what you will about restrictions on sex and violence in films, censoring movies did have at least one positive effect: It meant that writers and directors had to work harder to keep the audience’s interest. This can be painfully obvious when it comes to female characters. Irene Adler, for example, was a complex, clever antagonist who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes in the 1891 story she appeared in. In the 2012 television adaptation, Irene has morphed into a one-dimensional seductress who first appears on screen in the nude and who flummoxes Sherlock with her boobies. And why not? A good chunk of the viewing audience is going to be satisfied with having a naked lady on the screen, so there’s no need to waste energy giving her a personality. “Your lines? Hell, I don’t know. Just make some grunting noises or something.”

When Cracked thinks something is up with your portrayal of women, something is definitely up with your portrayal of women. (via yonderdarling)

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